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Puzzle Designer, God of War Ascension Online (2012)

Client: Sony Santa Monica via Real Pie. Game and puzzle design for the online experience accompanying the release of a major video game. GodOfWar.playstation.com.

Example challenge:

Challenge A
User sees a glowing FACE and BOOK in the mural on the wall behind the Player on panels 1 and 3. The Face and the Book are not clickable, and a slightly different color from other clickable images. They should be the same color as the Tablet in step 2 (Facebook blue). Face + Book indicate Facebook.
User sees a glowing TABLET in PANEL 4. (Should glow blue like Face and Book).When clicked, TABLET leads to generically-IP-addressed website with CLOSEUP OF TABLET.
CLOSEUP OF TABLET contains a coded message: GURTVIRE; this is a Caesar shift for THEGIVER. Underneath the tablet there is text: “Find me. There is more I would say to you.”  A link back to Page One is titled, “Return to Prison.”
Text box below Prison page is activated. If the User enters “THEGIVER,” they are rewarded with the link to The Giver’s Facebook page at facebook.com/thegiver2a

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