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Writer and Community Manager, Future Coast (2013-2014)

Client: Columbia Climate Center via WriterGuy

FutureCoast explored climate-changed futures by recovering chronofacts: voicemails from the cloud of our possible futures. It was a part of a game-based initiative focusing on climate change from the PoLAR group at Columbia University.

I created and wrote one of the main characters. Managed community submissions, character social media accounts and local geocache placement.

Fires in Texas

This is Mayor Ramirez with an emergency notification. Fires from the Hill Country have moved into our area, and Red Flag weather is supposed to last throughout this week and into the next. Approximately 225,000 acres have been declared a total loss so far, and we have issued a mandatory evacuation notice for all households receiving this message. That includes some residents of Travis, Hays, and Williamson counties. Only take what you need, and do not delay evacuation. Fires are moving at approximately 30 miles an hour. That’s faster than traffic in many areas. Please tune into local netbox for more details. Good luck out there.

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