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Writer/Community Manager, BloodCopy.com (2008) *

Client: HBO via Campfire.

Wrote blog content; managed online community for campaign promoting HBO’s “True Blood.” BloodCopy.com

* 2009 winner, ad:tech Best Integrated Campaign

BloodCopy.com: What’s your name and what do you do?

Wanda: My name is Wanda and I’m unemployed. I used to work at the factory one town over, but it shut down a couple of years ago and I haven’t found work since.

BloodCopy.com: How did you feel when you heard about vampires living among us?

Wanda: I was terrified. I was just disgusted that them monsters are thumbing their noses at us like that.

BloodCopy.com: Thumbing their noses?

Wanda: Yeah, they’re just wagging their butts and saying, “We been killing you for thousands of years but now you can’t do anything to us because we’re making new laws just for us!”

BloodCopy.com: So that’s why you joined the Fellowship of the Sun?

Wanda: Yeah buddy. We can’t let these evil creatures live with us. You know what my neighborhood did last year when some meth dealers from outta state moved in? We went and shot target practice in our back yards every night and walked our dogs with our shotguns in our hands. We were firm, but fair.

That’s what we’re gonna do with the vampires. We’re gonna let them know that we don’t want them in our neighborhoods dealing death, same way we let them dopers know. Police got enough work to do. We like to think of us as a neighborhood patrol.

BloodCopy.com: Have you ever met a vampire?

Wanda: Hell, no, and I don’t plan on it. All I need to know about vampires is what the Fellowship taught me: they are bloodthirsty murdering freaks who may say they’ll drink this Try Blood junk, but they’re gonna kill our cats. And then our dogs. And then our children and brothers and parents and stop only when they run out of food. And we’re the food!

BloodCopy.com: How many people do you know who have been killed by vampires?

Wanda: I couldn’t say for sure because I think the doctors were in on it, but my mama supposedly had a stroke 20 years ago and she was the picture of health. She had smoked for 30 years and never got a speck of cancer, nothing, then boom, one day a stroke just kills her? That wasn’t no stroke. Some damn vampire did her in. This is why we got to keep them away from us normal people. They kill, Andrew! They wanna kill me and they wanna kill you!

BloodCopy.com: Okay, Wanda, thank you for your time.

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