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Writer, Homefront (2010)

Client: THQ, via Campfire.

Wrote future biographies and audio scripts to accompany launch of major video game.

Homefront Audio

Man’s VO over Radio Show Jingle:

The Liberator’s Central Broadcasting Station, the true voice of freedom for the liberated states of America presents: Enemy Watch

Gigi: Today’s Enemy of the Liberation is Adam Sessler.

Sessler is a dangerous incendiary who is highly armed and who commands thousands of other terrorist forces, making your safety uncertain every moment he is at large!

This Enemy honed his skills of persuasion and manipulation in his early years as a disinformation specialist on television.

When Post Peak happened, Sessler began denouncing good citizens such as yourselves who were struggling to survive among desperate times and placed your lives at risk by assisting terrorist groups to organize among you.

Today, Sessler commands hundreds of insurgent cells and is known to have killed over two hundred brave servicemen who were stationed in your country to safeguard your freedom.

If you or anyone you know has information about this enemy combatant, contact us immediately and receive a limited reward offer for a 10,000 calorie food ration card.

Do your duty, save your liberty.

Next on The Liberator’s Central Broadcasting Station, a new modern rendition of old classic…

[cue start of “Song of Kim Il-Sung” (sounds exactly like the 1950’s version):…fuzz out as music begins…]

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