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Puzzle Master, Bag of Bones (Dark Score Stories) * (2011)

Client: A&E Television via Campfire. Developed puzzles embedded within text pieces for campaign to market a television miniseries adaptation of a Stephen King novel. Dark Score Stories

Winner: 2012 Webby Honoree for Television; IAC Award for Best Media Website, Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.

Down left side: NINETEENAFTERB. Every time there is a “B” in the text, readers must pick out the 19th letter after it and accumulate the URL in that manner. There are 15 Bs in the text, and the 19th letters after them in order spell out DARKSCORECOMODE, which leads to Darkscore.com/ode. Below is a chart displaying the text and the relationship between the Bs and their corresponding 19th-after letters. The DLS letters are in green, the Bs are in uppercase bold, and their 19th-after letters are in red. The number 19 has special significance to the Stephen King universe.

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