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https://deecook.com/2016/09/28/partner-dog-tale-media/ thumbnail image

Partner, Dog Tale Media (2009-Present)

Founding partner of a full-service transmedia company that creates custom campaigns, solutions, and community building for businesses looking to branch out from the traditional. Established 2009. Dog Tale Media

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https://deecook.com/2016/09/28/puzzle-designer-lifezette-com-2015-2016/ thumbnail image

Puzzle Designer, LifeZette.com (2015-2016)

Via Primal Math/Skypath Media - Designed weekly puzzles for kids and parents to solve together on a large webzine. Primal Math archive

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https://deecook.com/2014/08/11/writer-and-community-manager-future-coast/ thumbnail image

Writer and Community Manager, Future Coast (2013-2014)

Client: Columbia Climate Center via WriterGuy. FutureCoast explored climate-change by recovering voicemails from our possible futures. It was a part of an initiative from the PoLAR group at Columbia University.

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https://deecook.com/2012/12/20/game-design-umbrella-sword-2012/ thumbnail image

Game Design, Umbrella Sword (2012)

Client: The Shadow Gang. Charted and sanity checked a transmedia experience designed to showcase a new digital experience platform. TheShadowGang.com

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https://deecook.com/2012/11/11/puzzle-designer-god-of-war-ascension-online-2012/ thumbnail image

Puzzle Designer, God of War Ascension Online (2012)

Client: Sony Santa Monica via Real Pie. Game and puzzle design for the online experience accompanying the release of a major video game. GodOfWar.playstation.com.

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https://deecook.com/2012/09/10/community-managerwriter-deadly-affairs-2012/ thumbnail image

Community Manager/Writer, Deadly Affairs (2012)

Client: Discovery Channel. Community management, social media response, and writing for a campaign promoting the premiere of a new television series. IsItaDeadlyAffair.com

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https://deecook.com/2012/05/11/mission-creator-wonderground-2012/ thumbnail image

Mission Creator, Wonderground (2012)

Client: General Electric. Online and on-site research creating missions for modern day treasure hunting mobile app. GEWonderground.com

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https://deecook.com/2011/12/13/puzzle-master-bag-of-bones-2011/ thumbnail image

Puzzle Master, Bag of Bones (Dark Score Stories) * (2011)

Client: A&E Television via Campfire. Developed puzzles embedded within text pieces for campaign to market a television miniseries. Dark Score Stories Winner: 2012 Webby Honoree for Television; IAC Award for Best Media Website, Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.

View Puzzle Master, Bag of Bones (Dark Score Stories) * (2011)

https://deecook.com/2011/11/11/game-designcommunity-management-bzrk-2011/ thumbnail image

Game Design/Community Management, BZRK (2011)

Client: Egmont UK via The Shadow Gang. Constructed puzzles for four month ARG; managed player community across forums, email, Twitter, and Facebook for the duration of the ARG. NexusHumanus.com

View Game Design/Community Management, BZRK (2011)

https://deecook.com/2011/03/07/community-manager-focus-rally-america/ thumbnail image

Community Manager, Focus Rally: America (2011)

Client: Ford, via Dog Tale Media/Undercurrent. With  team,  handled  social  media,  support,  challenges,  and  other  tasks  for  interactive  reality  show.  FocusRally.com

View Community Manager, Focus Rally: America (2011)

https://deecook.com/2010/09/28/writer-homefront/ thumbnail image

Writer, Homefront (2010)

Client: THQ, via Campfire. Wrote future biographies and audio scripts to accompany launch of major video game.

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https://deecook.com/2010/09/03/writer-the-hunt/ thumbnail image

Writer, The Hunt * (2010)

Client: Cisco, via Juxt Interactive, via No Mimes Media. Wrote video/audio scripts, blog entries, and other copy for a corporate building ARG for Cisco. * Winner, One Show Merit Award - Other Branded Entertainment

View Writer, The Hunt * (2010)

https://deecook.com/2009/05/22/writer-bloodcopy-com-2009/ thumbnail image

Writer, BloodCopy.Com (2009) * ~~

Client: HBO via Campfire. Wrote blog copy and video scripts for campaign promoting Season 2 of HBO's "True Blood." ~~Many videos embedded - please click through~~ * Winner, People's Voice Integrated Webby Award, Effie Award

View Writer, BloodCopy.Com (2009) * ~~

https://deecook.com/2009/05/22/community-facilitator-ruby%e2%80%99s-bequest-2009/ thumbnail image

Community Facilitator, Ruby’s Bequest (2009)

Client: Institute for the Future/United Cerebral Palsy/AARP via Writerguy. Played character; vetted and responded to audience-submitted stories in a serious game. RubysBequest.com

View Community Facilitator, Ruby’s Bequest (2009)

https://deecook.com/2008/05/22/writer-my-home-2-0-2008/ thumbnail image

Writer, My Home 2.0 (2008) *

Client: Verizon via Campfire. Wrote blog, ad, and other copy for campaign promoting Verizon FiOS. * Winner, 3 Mixx awards and AdWeek Buzz Award, Best Integrated Campaign

View Writer, My Home 2.0 (2008) *

https://deecook.com/2008/05/22/puzzle-developer-dead-space-2008/ thumbnail image

Puzzle Developer, Dead Space (2008) *

Client: EA Games via Deep Focus. Developed puzzles for a campaign promoting a highly-anticipated video game. NoKnownSurvivors.com * Winner, 2009 Communicator Award of Excellence

View Puzzle Developer, Dead Space (2008) *

https://deecook.com/2008/05/22/writercommunity-manager-bloodcopy-com-2008/ thumbnail image

Writer/Community Manager, BloodCopy.com (2008) *

Client: HBO via Campfire. Wrote blog content; managed online community for campaign promoting HBO's "True Blood." BloodCopy.com

View Writer/Community Manager, BloodCopy.com (2008) *

https://deecook.com/2008/05/22/puzzle-developer-vroengard-academy-2008/ thumbnail image

Puzzle Developer, Vroengard Academy (2008) *

Client: Random House via Deep Focus. Developed puzzles for website promoting the next book in Eragon series. VroengardAcademy.com * 2009 winner, Communicator Award of Excellence

View Puzzle Developer, Vroengard Academy (2008) *

https://deecook.com/2007/05/22/writerhead-writer-the-battle-over-promicin-2007/ thumbnail image

Writer/Head Writer, The Battle Over Promicin (2007) ~~

Client: USA Network via Campfire. Wrote video scripts, blog entries, forum entries, emails, newsletters, SMS messages, and other copy for campaign promoting season premiere for "The 4400." ~~Many videos embedded - please click through~~

View Writer/Head Writer, The Battle Over Promicin (2007) ~~

https://deecook.com/2007/05/22/community-liaison-world-without-oil-2007/ thumbnail image

Community Liaison, World Without Oil (2007) *

Client: ITVS via Writerguy. Vetted/ranked/responded to hundreds of user-submitted written, audio, and video entries. WorldWithoutOil.org * 2008 winner, SXSWi Web Awards, Activism

View Community Liaison, World Without Oil (2007) *

https://deecook.com/2007/05/22/writer-unnatural-selection-2007/ thumbnail image

Writer, Unnatural Selection (2007)

Client: Magnolia Pictures via ARG Studios. Wrote two characters for campaign promoting the U.S. premiere of Korean film "The Host."

View Writer, Unnatural Selection (2007)

https://deecook.com/2007/05/22/staff-writerassociate-editor-argn-com-2005-2007/ thumbnail image

Staff Writer/Associate Editor, ARGN.com (2005-2007)

Wrote news and feature articles relating to ARGs. Interviewed game designers. Covered interactive conferences. Scouted for news items. Filtered news tips. Assigned stories.

View Staff Writer/Associate Editor, ARGN.com (2005-2007)

https://deecook.com/2006/05/22/contractor-%e2%80%9cover-the-hedge%e2%80%9d-extended-reality-2006/ thumbnail image

Contractor, “Over the Hedge” Extended Reality (2006)

Client: Dreamworks via Chelsea Pictures. Vetted 100 puzzles designed for campaign to promote the release of a feature film.

View Contractor, “Over the Hedge” Extended Reality (2006)

https://deecook.com/2006/05/22/writerdesigner-catching-the-wish-arg-2006/ thumbnail image

Writer/Designer, Catching the Wish ARG (2006)

Client: ARG Studios (Dave Szulborski). Wrote the character of Sarah Wyatt, a librarian and artist. Designed and remodeled websites. Manipulated images, installed blog software, managed email and websites.

View Writer/Designer, Catching the Wish ARG (2006)

https://deecook.com/2005/05/22/writerdesigner-omnifam-arg-2005/ thumbnail image

Writer/Designer, Omnifam ARG (2005)

Client: Team Omnifam (Independent ARG). Blogged, wrote newspaper articles, incidental site content, tweaked images, installed blog software, and proof-read material.

View Writer/Designer, Omnifam ARG (2005)

https://deecook.com/2005/05/22/writerdesigner-argtalk-2005/ thumbnail image

Writer/Designer, ARGTalk (2005)

Client: Dave Szulborski (Independent ARG). Played four characters, including obsessed killer. Wrote poetry, emails, and editorials. Designed puzzles, installed/customized blogs, proof-read, and managed sites.

View Writer/Designer, ARGTalk (2005)

https://deecook.com/2004/05/22/writerdesigner-dread-house-a-k-a-urban-hunt/ thumbnail image

Writer/Designer, Dread House/Urban Hunt (2004)

Client:Dave Szulborski (Independent ARG). Played Ed Vargas/Amanda Graves. Wrote blogs, emails, IM/phone scripts, puzzles, poetry, news articles, and site content. Proof-read content and created websites.

View Writer/Designer, Dread House/Urban Hunt (2004)

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